Employee Handbooks: Necessity or Nuisance

Some organizations live by their handbook, others fear the restrictions, and yet others wish one would magically appear complete and ready to roll. No matter where you’re at with the handbook issue, without some form of policies or procedures you run the serious risk of discriminating and breaching other employment laws as you handle employee issues on a case-by-case basis.

The key is realizing that it’s so much easier to have a handbook to rely on, rather than having to create policy on the fly. Attend this interactive session to learn how to audit your current handbook or create a new one.

Participants Will Learn How To

The pro's and con's of employee handbooks

20+ policies no handbook should be without

Key disclaimers and other protective policies

Policies that will save you time and aggravation

The handbook format that's right for you

How to communicate handbooks and policies

Ways to keep your policies current

Who Should Attend

Supervisors and Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Business Owners and everyone in your organization responsible for supervising your people.

Program Format

This program is available as a:
2 Hour Training
1 Hour Training

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