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“I understand, respect and have first-hand experience of the amount of work that goes into planning a meeting or event. So, I work hard to make it easy for you, by making it easy for you to work with me.

From planning ahead, to getting you info when you need it, to arriving early and prepared, and to having a good sense of humor throughout…my objective is the same as yours – to make your event flow seamlessly.

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what several meeting planners have to say.”
Arlene Vernon

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To discuss how to create the right programs to meet and exceed your needs, contact Arlene at 952-996-0975 or

“Your song was wonderful and SO SMART Arlene! I have not been that excited for a speaker in a long time. Seriously. You've got a Winning idea For SURE there. Congratulations!”

Holly Zelinsky
Successfully Speaking

“I just really enjoy working with Arlene. She helps keep you organized and gives you lots of support. Sometimes these programs can be overwhelming in terms of the amount of details you’re trying to pull together. Arlene really helps make it easy.”

Karna Kurtz
Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota

"Arlene is pretty low maintenance. She does a great job of getting everything all together and organizing herself so it isn't that much work for myself and that is HUGE.”

Sheila Ronning
National Association of Women Business Owners

“As a trainer I had a great experience working with Arlene. I met with her once in person. We talked once over the phone. I sent an email and the next thing I knew she had creations around my key strategies and messages for this unique audience. When we brought it to life, we would tag team it. I would do a content piece; she would do a song. And in the end everyone left on this high note which I don’t think I could have done on my own.”

Amy Tolbert, PhD, CSP
ECCO International
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