From Buddy to Boss:
Moving Up Without Selling Out

Transitioning from being "one of the guys" to "leader of the pack" isn't easy. It can be confusing for everyone involved and can create tension, resentment and passive or not-so passive resistance. Discover how you can make this difficult transition more effectively, develop your own management style and create the kind of relationship with your employees that guarantee your success as a new leader.

Participants Will Learn How To

Understand the steps to a smooth transition into leadership 
Recognize and apply the strengths and abilities you possess that moved you up 

Understand the importance of establishing boundaries

Maximize your experience as "buddy" 

Begin the journey to excellence in leadership 

Define the work culture where all objectives are achieved

Who Should Attend

New and experienced Supervisors, Managers and Business Owners who want to learn how to transition into leadership smoothly or help others make this transition.

Program Format

This program is available as a:
2 Hour Training
Half-day seminar

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