Hiring the Best Without A Crystal Ball

There's more to hiring than meets the eye. Learn how to refine your hiring techniques and practices to attract the best candidates to your organization. You must customize your hiring methods to ensure each new employee truly fits both the job and the workplace culture. In this session you will get solid tips, tools and techniques to design a holistic hiring process that works from job opening to hire. And move from superficial selection to super selection!There's more to hiring than meets the eye

Participants Will Learn

The benefits of planning each step of the hiring process 

Techniques to effectively screen resumes and applications 

The 12 core components of structured interviews 

How to create interview questions that break through the canned answer

Pre-interview preparation tips to set the stage for a good hire 

Ways to listen to what the candidate isn't saying 

How to select winners

Who Should Attend

Supervisors and Managers, Human Resource Professionals, and anyone in your organization responsible for hiring your employees.

Program Format

This program is available as a:
2 Hour Training
Half-day seminar
Full-day seminar

To discuss how to create the right programs to meet and exceed your needs, contact Arlene at 952-996-0975 or e-mail: Arlene@hrxcellence.com.

Contact Arlene: 952-996-0975  Arlene@HRxcellence.com
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