Developing Dynamic Job Descriptions

The best job descriptions become tools you use regularly around the office. In this session, you’ll learn to maximize the benefit of job descriptions for employee and managerial use, a simple ADA-compliant format for creating job descriptions, and how to analyze each job’s duties, skills and abilities to write new, more effective job descriptions. Move your organization forward by creating job descriptions that impact how you manage the core of your human resources — your people.

Arlene frequently conducts job description training inside an organization to help expedite the job description writing and updating process, to ensure consistent formatting and language across the organization, and compliance. Frequently, the training is followed up with an audit of the completed job descriptions.

Participants Will Learn

The advantages of consistent, ADA-compliant job descriptions

How to utilize job descriptions to improve new employee hiring and selection and as a performance and supervision tool

Simplified job analysis techniques

How to write job descriptions that do the job

Double checking for perfection

The dynamic, ever-changing nature of job descriptions

That job description writing can be fun and easy!

Who Should Attend

Employees, Supervisors, Managers, Human Resource Professionals — basically everyone in your organization responsible for writing, updating, and using job descriptions.

Program Format

This program is available as a:
Half-day seminar
Full-day seminar

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