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Arlene is the “EMCEE” you’ve been searching for. Arlene adds a musical voice to your event or conference.

She will link each
segment of your program with custom parodies and select popular songs to unify your event, reinforce your key messages and keep your audience glued
to their seats.

Arlene creates the musical theme that keeps your event flowing
Arlene’s songs keeps the tempo of your program in sync
Your messages will be more than memorable… they’ll be singable!

Emcee Program Example
  1. Your introducer sets the stage for the program.

  2. Arlene sings the message of the day (lessons to be learned, theme of the event, etc.)

  3. Your speaker presents.

  4. Arlene sings the perfect song that reflects the speaker’s message.

  5. This format repeats throughout the event.

  6. Arlene's powerful and inspirational voice creates an impactful grand finale that gets everyone singing the same tune and leaving on a positive note.
Create a Lasting Memory
Extend your message beyond the event for each of your attendees.

Provide each attendee printed or framed lyrics of the songs.

Give them a professionally recorded CD of the songs to replay the memory over and over again!

“Your singing was stellar as always and clever, clever, clever. What a nice way to break up the speaking segments.”

Robin Getman, CSP
Interact Group

View Video Clip of Courage and Craziness
View Video Clip of The Seven Days of Courage

“People felt sparked by what she had in her songs. She sang right before the break. And when people got up to take the break there was this light heartedness and this new sense of connection in the room.“

Rita Webster, PhD
Wiseleader, Inc.

View Video Clip of Over The Rainbow

“What Arlene did for me was to pull out three or four rather complex concepts and weave them through song in the beginning, middle, and end of the experience, so that we were hitting on the same points. One time it was rather serious, another it was personal, and finally it was just sheer fun and everybody got involved. IT WAS A BLAST!”

Amy Tolbert, PhD, CSP
ECCO International

View Video Clip of

Speaker, Amy Tolbert

Click here for more audio and video clips.
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