Supervising Smart

There's so much a supervisor must master when it comes to people management. On-the-job training only takes supervisors so far. We need tactical skills to fill the gaps and help our people succeed in creating the right supervisory style that fits their culture, their mission and their people.

Option A: We can design a Supervising Smart program – as series of targeted sessions – that match the needs of your supervisory team. Select from a wide variety modules to move your supervisors forward towards success as organizational leaders.

Option B: We can create a custom training session on general techniques of supervising smart. We can cover how to develop and understand your own management style, how to communicate and implement that style that works effectively for you, your employees and the organization. 

Smart Modules Can Include

Leadership skills and styles 

Building employee / supervisor relationships 

Setting, managing and communicating expectations 

Team building 

Finding and keeping the right people 

Managing employee performance 

Employment engagement and motivating employees 

And more...

Who Should Attend

Supervisors and Managers, Business Owners and everyone in your organization responsible for selecting, supervising, managing and retaining your human resources - your people.

Program Format

This program is available as a:
Two-day program
Half-day seminar
Full-day seminar
Lunch and Learn Series

To discuss how to create the right programs to meet and exceed your needs, contact Arlene at 952-996-0975 or e-mail:

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